WE Will not be accepting applications
november 1 through January 1

Thank you for understanding!

Artisan Application for Deco Raleigh

Deco Raleigh is home to eclectic, unique goods. We are honored to sell more than 50 local brands and are always welcoming new artisans to the Deco Family.  Here are some things to know before you submit the application below.

1. We typically start with a consignment relationship. Our rate is 50/50 and artisans are paid monthly. Once a sales record is established, we are happy to consider a transition to wholesale.

2. Once we receive the form below, it can take up to a few weeks for us to get you a response. Why? Aside from being busy, we are always shuffling around our merchandise and want to consider how your goods might fit into our selection.

3. Considerations include these questions. Is your work a good fit for Deco? Is it unique, well-made and appropriately priced?

4. We also love to be unique and we do not like to poach artists from other great stores in Raleigh. If your work is derivative of another Raleigh artist's work, we'll probably decline. And if you are in other Raleigh stores, make sure the owners are OK with you applying to Deco. 

5. There are some things that don't sell well at Deco--not sure why, but it's a fact! You are welcome to submit an application, but the answer is likely to be no if your work is photography or original paintings. We also prefer items that retail under $100.

OK, enough rules! We are honored that you want to be at Deco and thank you for submitting an application.